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Dr Andrew Latest Technology Navakas Dental Care

You will be enduringly better off through
having had positive experiences in our practice.


  • By the desire to achieve lasting health
  • To enhance one of your greatest assets – your smile – as a result, your self-esteem as well
  • By the appreciation of the value and importance of a healthy smile
  • To enable your lasting confidence about your health
  • To guide you to a path of health, and understanding of quality dentistry
  • To motivate you to seek the best care through our example and the education we provide
  • To provide the finest care
  • To provide not just durable restoration, but durable relationships as well

How We Do This

We have a team whose primary concern is your welfare and health. We stay abreast with modern standards – we have a commitment to continuing education. We listen to your concerns and provide you with the care you choose. We are determined to provide unmatched value.

An environment of mutual trust and respect is essential to us – patients here are partners with us in their health care. We want to be an example of a positive, caring and enjoyable place to visit and work in.

We have modern and great equipment, materials and tools, but we understand that attitude and technique are more important than gadgets. When we provide beautiful aesthetic results, we know they must be backed by sound biological health combined with careful and knowledgeable execution to be durable.

The Team at Navakas Dental Care
Navakas Dental Care Comfortable Environment


By adopting these philosophies over a lifetime of practice, we have the necessary skills and abilities to achieve what we set out to do. These skills and philosophies will be passed on to others joining the practice in a collegial, nurturing environment of mutual support and respect.

Years of practice with a commitment to artisanal workmanship, guided by education, considered diagnosis, intelligence, and experience give us a quiet confidence in our ability to treat people well, and keep you at ease. We have the respect of our peers.

We understand aesthetics, materials, the importance of durability, financial limitations, your needs and your wishes.

Benefits to You

You will experience dentistry that is:

  • Durable
  • Confidence Building
  • Tooth Conserving
  • Superb Value
  • Appearance Enhancing
  • Comfort Inducing
Dentla Support Team at Navakas Dental Care

You will have enough knowledge

about your own health to maintain it well, through a deeper understanding of prevention.

You cant beat word of mouth.

Being a bit of a geek I thought I would try mapping my patient database, and see where everybody came from.

The result was really quite a humbling experience - the only way to get a distribution like that is by happy patients telling their family, friends and workmates about us.

A HUGE thank you to all our patients (over 11,000 in our records!!) Every one of our team is grateful for your support, and we promise to keep trying and delivering care that brings you and those you refer us to into our place.

(For the really geeky, to remain privacy compliant I did a random fudge on the geographic co-ordinates so every marker was randomly moved a tiny bit, in order to not allow exact location of an address. Happy to explain if anyone wants to talk to me 🙂

Patient Map Navakas Dental Care


Years of practice with a commitment to artisanal workmanship,
guided by education, considered diagnosis, intelligence, and experience
give us a quiet confidence in our ability to treat people well, and keep you at ease.

Dr Andrew Dentist at Navakas Dental Care

Dr Andrew Navakas


I have been practising here in Kensington since 1986, and have really enjoyed my whole time here, being part of this great community. The philosophy of this practice is what drives me. I am lucky to have a great family - my partner Vivienne and three sons...

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Dr Julien Bundun Dentist at Navakas Dental Care

Dr. Julien Bundun


One comment that we often hear from our patients is that they wished that Dr Julien Bundun had been their dentist a lot sooner: his kind personable manner and high clinical expertise is difficult to find. He is the dentist that medical professionals see, and trust...

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Nav Dental Hygienist Oral Health Therapist at Navakas Dental Care



She is the practice expert in teeth whitening and is skilled in ZOOM Whitening. Nav comes from India. Graduated as a dentist in 1998 and worked as a dentist until she moved with her family to New Zealand in 2005 and then onto Australia. Nav trained as Dental Hygienist in...

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Nam Navakas Dental Care Oral Health Therapist


Oral Health Therapist

Nam joined NDC in May 2016 as our Oral Health Therapist. He graduated in 2013 from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Oral Health Science. He also spent three studying pharmacy at Monash University. Nam was the winner of the Colgate Health Promotion award ...

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We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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