Dr Andrew Navakas

Dr Andrew Dentist at Navakas Dental Care

Dr Andrew Navakas

I have been practising here in Kensington since 1986, and have really enjoyed my whole time here, being part of this great community.

The philosophy of this practice is what drives me.

I am lucky to have a great family - my partner Vivienne and three sons (one finished a Masters recently at the University of London (UCL), and one who has just completed a Masters in Astrophysics here in Melbourne, and the youngest is doing BioMed at Melbourne Uni).

I love doing quality work, and I get a buzz when I see some 30 year old examples of my work still looking beautiful.

Doing complex rehabilitation of a mouth either aesthetically or functionally transforms peoples lives, and drives my love of what I do.

Special Interest

Cosmetic Dentistry
Preventative Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry


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