Dr Julien Bundun

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Dr Julien Bundun

One comment that we often hear from our patients is that they wished that Dr Julien Bundun had been their dentist a lot sooner: his kind personable manner and high clinical expertise is difficult to find. He is the dentist that medical professionals see, and trust.

As his primary degree, Julien studied Medical Radiations at RMIT, with specialisation in diagnostic radiography in 2004. He then attended graduate dental school at the University of Sydney to obtain his Bachelor of Dentistry in 2010.

When most graduates receive an award, they think they have achieved something great. After Julien was awarded the prize for proficiency in clinical restorative dentistry, he took it as an encouragement to achieve more.

Throughout his consistent continued professional development, Julien has had the privilege to learn from the world’s dental elite, including training at New York University, School of Dentistry and at King's College In London.

This has made Julien a clinician who is highly respected by his peers, as well as the dental specialists in the Seattle Study Club. Julien provides evidence based dental treatment with interest in long-term restorative solutions for cracked teeth, oral rehabilitation, as well as oral surgery, including wisdom teeth.

With Julien, patients receive dental treatment with a focus on success, comfort, and get peace of mind in knowing that they have a highly skilled clinician with an advanced level of dental knowledge treating them in a kind and delicate manner.

Julien speaks French and Creole, is fond of Japanese food, especially ramen and is a very good cook. He is an aspiring comedian, so if you haven't fallen asleep whilst in treatment he might try a few jokes. In his spare time Julien tries his hands at many things: photography, music, building all sort of things, electronics and furniture making are just a few. You can follow his work at @drkingjulien on Instagram

Special Interest

Cosmetic Dentistry
Surgical Procedures
Restorative Dentistry


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