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Microscope – You Cannot Treat What You Cannot See…

We have been using microscopes for nearly 10 years. We were one of the first practices in the country to invest in an operating microscope, and remain one of very few general practices in the country to use them. Many dentists use magnifiers on glasses (called ‘loupes’), which generally have magnifications of 2-3X. The scope can go to 25X – quite obviously, you can see a lot more.

Why? Because what you can see and do is amazing. The high magnification allows extraordinary precision in both diagnosis and treatment. For example, we can reliably spot microfractures very early, before catastrophic damage occurs to a tooth.

Specialists in root canal treatment (Endodontists) would not dream of doing their work without a scope.

We loved the scope so much I bought another – we have this in 2 treatment rooms.

The benefit to you:

Greater precision means more careful work, with greater durability, better finishes, more correct diagnosis



We use a soft tissue laser for all our minor surgical procedures. The benefits to patients are enormous. Pretty much no post-operative pain, no bleeding, fast healing, great results.

The beam sterilises as it removes tissue, so post-op infections are exceedingly rare.


Digital Imaging – Xrays, Panoramic Cephalography (OPG)

Massive radiation dose reduction, high resolution images, and all done on our premises – no need to go to Radiology clinics for advanced imaging.



The Diagnocam is an amazing bit of equipment. It allows 3D visualisation of the inside of teeth WITHOUT X-Rays! It uses infrared light, special sensors, and sophisticated computing to give us a unique view inside teeth.

We can more accurately diagnose decay, cracks, and early problems. As there is no harmful radiation, it can be used at every check-up, and is ideal for children and young adults. It doesn’t completely replace X-Rays in all circumstances, but it is an amazingly useful device.

It is ideal for monitoring early decay, before it has progressed far. It will help reduce the number of fillings needed.



For the ultimate in final polishing with our hygienists. This device is an air polisher, and uses a jet of air, water, and a polishing powder to get into every nook and cranny of your teeth and gums. It doesn’t get cleaner than this.

It removes stubborn stains like nothing else.

Modern Equipment, Combined with Experience and Care

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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