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Bad Breath

Bad Breath Halitosis Navakas Dental Care
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Bad Breath Is Not a pleasant thing to have, and can affect your working and social lives.

Other than a garlicky lunch, the most common cause by far is sulphur producing bacteria growing around the gums. There is also a huge reservoir of bugs at the back of the tongue. Poor oral hygiene habits, smoking, medications that cause dry mouth are often contributors.

There are rarer causes such as systemic illnesses, problems with the respiratory tract (eg sinusitis, chronic nasal drip), diabetes, liver or kidney problems.

Bad Breath Treatment

Start with treating the most common cause – more than 90% relates to needing a thorough clean at the dental office. Our hygienists will help you by getting your mouth into the healthiest state possible, and advise on the use of tongue scrapers. If there is no resolution from your problem after this, then other reasons can be sought.

Whatever the source of the problem, consequences can be significant – gums disease can lead to tooth loss, and undiagnosed systemic problems also have significant long term health consequences.

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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