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Crooked teeth

Crooked Teeth Navakas Dental Care
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Very few people grow up with a perfect straight set of teeth.

Personally, I think a few slight imperfections add character, life, and charm to a smile, and many people are far too critical of their own smiles.

We will realistically assess your smile and your concerns, and offer you all options from very simple to complex, depending on what outcome you want.

Whatever your concern is – crowding, gaps, shape of teeth, colour – we can help. There are so many options available now, we can discuss your concerns and come up with a plan to get the result you are happy with.

Whether it is a simple problem, or whether it is a complex case requiring specialist management, it starts with listening to your concerns, and after an analysis, we talk about your options.

There are often many options to solve this problem. It may include orthodontic treatment (eg braces, clear aligners like Invisalign), ceramic or resin veneers or crowns, or may be as simple as some cosmetic contouring of teeth or gumlines. It may involve a mix of treatment modalities. Every case is different, like every personality, and needs to be comprehensively assessed to ensure a correct plan for a durable, healthy outcome.

Sometimes, speedy short term orthodontics can get a great result on the visible front teeth, without affecting the posterior bite. Many people aren’t suitable for this, as the outcome may be unstable – again, this underlines the need for a comprehensive assessment.

Some crookedness or misalignment has no long term health consequences – it may only be an aesthetic concern.

In other cases, it may contribute to

  • long term damage to teeth from advanced wear
  • gum disease from inability to clean crowded spaces
  • muscle or joint issues from an imbalanced bite

So, even if you have some crowding or misalignment issues and aren’t concerned about the looks, it is important that it be assessed for other consequences.

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

You are in good hands. Book your next appointment online now.