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Toothache Navakas Dental Care
Navakas Dental Care

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Toothaches can be mild, moderate or severe. ALL of them should be checked out.

Failure to address a problem early can rapidly lead to a need for root canal treatment, or even tooth loss. Pain is serious – CALL!

Some issues can be easily fixed – sensitivity near the gum line may just need some chemical treatment, or it may be an old filling that is broken or leaking. It may be the bite has an imbalance, and a simple adjustment can reduce stress and pain on a tooth.

Advanced tooth problems can cost much, much more than fixing a problem early – please don’t leave it too late for us to solve a problem easily for you. If you have discomfort – CALL NOW!

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

You are in good hands. Book your next appointment online now.