Yes, we are open for dental care.

The government announced that Dental Practices can operate at Level 2 from 27 April, and are no longer limited to emergency treatment.
We remain available to care for our existing patients.
If you have a problem please call us on 9376 3573 - our phones are open as usual.

We take our responsibilities to the broader society, our local community, our patients and our staff seriously.

While we and dental clinics generally in Australia have been managing risk from viruses for many decades (eg Hepatitis B & C, HIV) with stringent infection control procedures, we took an extra step 2 years ago to become an Accredited Practice (one of few in the region).

This process of Accreditation is an extra assurance of procedures and protocols to ensure patient safety, and give you comfort.

While our normal daily procedures are quite stringent, as many of our patients remark, we have extra precautions due to the risks presented by this coronavirus:

  • We are pre-screening all patients, and postponing treatment for all who fit into current Health Dept risk profiles
  • Compulsory hand sanitisation is implemented for all people entering
  • We use a 'no touch' thermometer to test all patient temperatures (and staff in the morning before work)
  • Staff would be isolated if any Health Dept risk criteria were met
  • We use pre-treatment mouthrinses with proven anti-viral activity
  • We have always used rubber dam widely, and will continue to do so
  • We have removed magazines etc from the reception area
  • Even more surface cleaning than usual has been implemented of all patient touch areas
  • Our staff are all very well qualified. Two of our dental nurses are actually overseas qualified dentists.
  • We are implementing appointment times to minimise crowding
  • We regularly receive and implement guidelines from the ADA & Health Depts, both VIC and Federal

I am quite confident that we meet or exceed all current Australian guidelines. We remain fully functioning and prepared to serve you safely.


Dr Andrew Navakas & Team