Do you have a missing tooth, loose teeth or poorly fitting denture?

Are you reluctant to smile, feeling awkward in social settings because you have a tooth missing?

At Navakas Dental Care we can replace a missing tooth with a replacement tooth implant, designed to match your smile and teeth layout as naturally as possible, and restoring your smile for you.

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Do you have discomfort when eating which spoils your enjoyment or stops you eating a healthy diet?

Is speaking a problem because you have a tooth missing in a crucial part of your mouth? Find out how we can alleviate your missing tooth problem for you.

Missing Tooth - Dental Implants at Navakas Dental Care

How do missing teeth occur?

Missing teeth can occur for all kinds of reasons, not just in the older population due to dental disease and poor health. Trauma or accidents in younger people can also result in tooth loss.

Missing teeth or large gaps in your teeth, can cause a variety of issues such as: 

  • Appearance changes
  • Bite changes or bite collapse
  • Increased wear on other teeth
  • Imbalance in muscular action
  • Potential jaw joint (TMJ) damage

...and more.

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How can Navakas Dental Care Help me?

Dental implant technology is now well-established and used successfully to help millions of people who suffer from missing teeth. Provided you have good bone condition and satisfy a range of requirements which your dentist will discuss with you, we can help you achieve a fantastic outcome.

A titanium artificial root is delicately placed in the jaw, allowed to fuse to the bone over many weeks, and then finished with a ceramic crown. Titanium is an extremely strong material, bio-compatible with living bone and able to fuse strongly into your jaw giving you a secure foundation for a crown.

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