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Snoring or OSA Treatment

Are you kept awake at night by the sound of snoring?

Is snoring a problem in your relationship?

25% of men and 9% of women have significant incidence of snoring and obstructed airways while sleeping.

At Navakas Dental Care we can assist with the treatment of this condition called Obstructed Sleep Apnoea (OSA) to help you and your loved one have a great night sleep.

As common as snoring is, it does not make it any less dangerous to a person's general health, and could be indicative of severe underlying health problems.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Navakas Dental Care

Find out what OSA is.

Snoring is a sign of undiagnosed health problems. When snoring occurs, the muscles in the throat and the tongue relax blocking the airways causing a vibration in the area which is the sound of a snore.

While sleeping, the chances of a catastrophic health event such as a stroke, or heart attack become higher as the person struggles to breath. Snoring may also be linked to other conditions such as acid reflux, diabetes, tooth grinding and wear, depression and other issues.

The condition is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and is very common, especially in males. Around 25% of Australian males and 9% of Australian females are thought to have the condition. It is also correlated with obesity.



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See how Navakas Dental Care can help.

Our dentists have the expertise to identify the problem, and will give you options to manage it.

Treatment is often provided with a dental device called a Mandibular Advancement Splint, that keeps the airway open at night. Some people may need a device called a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. There is also possible benefits from a sleep study conducted by medical experts in sleep medicine.

Here at Navakas Dental Care, many patients have benefited from treatment, so call us today to see how we can help you with your snoring/OSA today.

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