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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Your health information and our privacy policy In accordance with the Victorian Health Records Act 2001 and Privacy Act Our practice respects your right to privacy.

We realise that it is important that you understand the purpose for which we collect details about your health, as well as how this information is used at our practice and to whom this information may be disclosed.

The policy of our practice is to follow these procedures:

The information collected will be used for the purpose of providing treatment to you.

Personal information such as your name, address and health insurance details will be used for the purpose of our accounts, as well as processing payments and contacting you about our services and any issues affecting your treatment.

We may disclose your health information to other health care professionals, or require it from them if, in our judgement, that is necessary in the context of your treatment.

In that event, disclosure of personal details will be minimised wherever possible. When you submit claims to insurance funds, it may be necessary to disclose treatment details to them to facilitate your refund claim.

We may also use parts of your health information for research purposes, in study Groups and seminars. This provides a benefit to the community and ourselves by enhancing our skills and broadening the base of experience in the profession.

Your personal identity will not be disclosed without your consent.

Your medical history, treatment records, x-rays, and any other material relevant to your treatment will be kept here. Some laboratory related items (eg study models) may be kept at our technicians premises. You may inspect or request copies of our records, or seek an explanation from us.

We require 24 hrs notice, as our time is fully occupied daily with clinical appointments and our first priority is, and must be, to our patients undergoing treatment. We will process requests for documentation at the end of our clinical day.

Statutory fees will apply in relation to the types of access you seek. If you request an explanation of our records or a written summary, our usual fees apply to these services. Our computerised records are backed up daily and stored securely off-site.

This helps ensure records will not be lost in case of fire, etc.

If any of the information we have about you is inaccurate, you may ask us to alter our records accordingly. You can otherwise rest assured that your health information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Disclosure will not be made to any person not involved in either your treatment or the administration of this practice, without your prior consent.

If you have any queries or concerns about our handling of your health information, please do not hesitate to raise these concerns with us.