Shades of Teeth Whitening

Many people when asking about whitening say, "How many shades lighter are my teeth gonna go?"

Look, there are many, many different shade measuring charts available, you know.

There're hundreds of them, different mechanisms, different systems from a lot of different people. When you have whitening, there's no way you can guarantee a particular degree of whitening.

Everybody gets brighter, some people get super bright, some people get less bright, there's a range.

In terms of quantifying it we, in our practice it's standardised on a particular set of shades such as this.

You know, we've got a range available here and we find that this area in the middle is where most normal people are, most normal humans exist in and around this range of shades some unfortunate people have slightly darker teeth but when brightening, we tend to get them moving up towards the upper end of the scale.

If someone is afraid of becoming too bright, we can certainly control the whitening process so that if you just wanna get a little bit brighter and not look ridiculous, like someone out of Hollywood then, sure, we can help you achieve that and stop the whitening process before it goes a bit crazy.

So, those are the whitening options we have available.