Teeth Whitening Procedure

The whitening procedure takes about an hour and a half. We get you comfortable in your chair, make sure that you're relaxed. We want you to have a good time.

Before starting the whitening procedure, prepare the mouth by putting various protective guards and barriers over your gum and lips so we minimize any risks of any whitening compound going anywhere except where we want it to go.

We apply the whitening compound in stages. We have a number of applications that we put on for about 15 minutes at a time over that period and when we're finished we seal the teeth, protect them with some protective compounds to help to reduce sensitivity and make sure that the whitening is durable.

There are some things you do need to do after the whitening which is to stay away from violently coloured food or drink. So people that like a big juicy Shiraz you're just gonna have to take off for a few days.

If you like your incredibly spiced curries or Asian food with a lot of soy in it, don't go there and coffee, black coffee, strong black coffee, you're also gonna have to back off that for a few days in order to maintain a good result.

But it's only for a short time so we're not asking you to give up all the good things in life for very long.

It's only for a couple of days and then you can go back to normal and smile at everyone with your beautiful gleaming teeth.