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Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Navakas Dental Care


The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is fully supported at this practice. It provides basic dental services to children between 2 & 17 years of age. We urge all parents to check their eligibility...

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Bonding Treatment at Navakas Dental Care


People generally think of ‘Bonding’ as being a cosmetic procedure for front teeth. It generally refers to a procedure where teeth in the smile can have colour changed, shape altered, defects masked, beauty...

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Comprehensive Care Treatment Navakas Dental Care

Comprehensive Care

No single dentist can possibly be a master of all facets of dentistry – the field is so broad, with so many different treatment modalities, that a practitioner needs to choose areas of interest...

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Crowns and Bridges Navakas Dental Care

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are like miniature crash helmets for a tooth, designed to protect them from risks of damage. If a tooth has significant cracks, or has lost a lot of structure over the years from decay and repeated...

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Denture Navakas Dental Care

Dentures – with Implants

Full dentures, where someone has no teeth, can be quite a burden. Over time, the lower denture becomes more and more problematic, as the bone gradually shrinks, and the denture becomes looser. Eating,...

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Dietary Advice Navakas Dental Care

Dietary Advice

Many dental problems such as decay and erosion are diet related. We will provide counselling on better habits and how to avoid damage from dietary sources. Erosion is a common problem related to excessive acid...

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Emergency Navakas Dental Care


Any genuine emergency will be seen on the day. Severe pain, swelling, accidents, knocked out teeth are all situations that need urgent attention. If any after hours emergencies arise, please use the...

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Dental Implants Navakas Dental Care


In the past, losing a tooth meant either a bridge or a denture – both options having quite a few risks or compromises associated with them. Implants are a very good option for many people. It is a replacement...

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Laser Gum Treatment

Many procedures on the gums used to be a little uncomfortable. The Soft Tissue Laser we have has changed all that! No blood, faster healing, more comfortable healing – better in every way than the old...

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Oral Hygiene Navakas Dental Care

Oral Hygiene

We have a Dental Hygienist (Nav) and an Oral Health Therapist (Nam), who are specially trained members of the dental team that have university qualifications in dental hygiene and oral health therapy...

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Root Canal Treatment Navakas Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment

Everybody has heard stories about this. We are pretty good at providing this treatment comfortably. I know you will find this difficult to believe, but we often have people falling asleep during...

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Teeth Whitening Navakas Dental Care

Teeth Whitening

A smile is an expression of happiness that comes from within - healthy is the most important, but brighter is good! The fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Darkening of teeth is a normal...

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Nightguards Navakas Dental Care

Tooth Grinding/Nightguards

Nearly everybody grinds their teeth at some time. It is most common at night, while you are asleep. Mild, occasional grinding is of little consequence, but some people have a real problem – intense grinding...

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Veneers Navakas Dental Care


Veneers are facings that are very securely bonded to teeth. They can be ceramic, that is created in a laboratory, or a composite resin that is directly placed onto the teeth. The purpose is to improve...

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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are your four 3rd molars found at the back of your mouth. By your early twenties your wisdom teeth are most likely to have erupted i.e. appeared above the gum line...

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