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Navakas Dental Care

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Address: 481 Macaulay Rd, Kensington VIC 3031

No single dentist can possibly be a master of all facets of dentistry – the field is so broad, with so many different treatment modalities, that a practitioner needs to choose areas of interest and competence to gain maximum expertise in.

(Is it possible for a medical doctor to be a Neurosurgeon, Psychiatrist, Physician, Radiologist, Cancer Specialist at the same time and be great in all areas? Can someone be a qualified plumber, electrician, master builder, and tiler simultaneously? Can a member of an orchestra be a virtuoso in every instrument? Jack of all trades, master of none……)

Our primary concern is to ensure patients have the best care. This means that on occasions we need to refer patients to specialists in different disciplines, to get the ideal outcome. We remain the 'Team Lead', developing the plan , and coordinating the care.

We have an excellent network of the most competent specialist providers, that we work with to provide co-ordinated interdisciplinary care when this is warranted. We develop treatment plans using the combined wisdom and expertise of leaders in their specialties, so you can be confident the plan has been discussed between numerous practitioners, and will be soundly based on science and experience, and peer reviewed.

Whenever treatment is planned or required that we are not able to perform to the highest standards, rest assured we have a great team working with us that will provide truly comprehensive care.

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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