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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Navakas Dental Care
Navakas Dental Care

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Everybody has heard stories about this. We are pretty good at providing this treatment comfortably.

I know you will find this difficult to believe, but we often have people falling asleep during treatment!

Root Canal, or Endodontic Therapy, is needed when a tooth nerve (we call it the pulp, to be more correct), becomes infected, causes pain, or dies. It enables you to keep the tooth, and not lose it. It is WAY cheaper to do root canal than extract a tooth and have an implant.

We are fairly unique in that we use Dental Operating Microscopes (by Zeiss), that enable us to do this work with much higher precision than ordinary magnifiers or bare eyeballs. Very few general dental practices have invested in these. It demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards and precision, which leads to comfort and durable restorations for you.

No Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) would treat a tooth without using a microscope – this is the standard that we feel is necessary, and what we would seek if treating our own teeth.

Treatment is usually done over 2 or 3 visits, spread out over weeks or even months, if necessary due to your work or financial commitments.

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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