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Dentures with Implants

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Full dentures, where someone has no teeth, can be quite a burden.

Over time, the lower denture becomes more and more problematic, as the bone gradually shrinks, and the denture becomes looser. Eating, speaking, social life all become difficult.

These days, having a few implants placed in the lower jaw, can result in massive improvements in stability and function. The difference is amazing – we urge those with full lower dentures to consider this option – it can be life-changing.

Generally only two are needed on the lower jaw. The cost is not prohibitive, and the benefits significant. The denture becomes stable, with good retention. There is no question that an implant assisted lower denture is optimal treatment.

The patient and jaws need to be assessed for suitability. There are circumstances where unfortunately it isn’t possible, but most cases can be treated.

If you have elderly relatives, or know people who are struggling with eating, let them know that solutions exist – providing our elderly clients with stable teeth that don’t move and allow them to eat things they may not have been able to chew properly for decades is one of the most satisfying treatments we can provide.

We have dedicated dental team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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