What is the Best Teeth Whitening Option for Me?

So, you can keep your teeth white and bright for a lifetime without a lot of trouble.

There are different whitening procedures available. We can either do it in-chair or provide you with a take-home whitening system.

The most effective way is to combine the two, where you do some in-chair bleaching where we get you a very bright result very quickly and you follow it up with some trays to do the application at home by yourself.

That gives the best result with the most durable outcome. We find that the whitening process when we do it this way, I call it semi-permanent, the whitening does fade back a little bit after some years, but we've never seen anyone go back to the original shade they started from.

And if there's a little bit of fading of the brightness some years down the track, it's really quite straight forward to just have a little bit of a top-up with the trays at home so you can keep your teeth white and bright for a lifetime.