We have a team whose primary concern is your welfare and health.

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Great Looking Smile

We provide superb cosmetic dentistry - veneers, bonding, gum lifts, orthodontics. Natural, undetectable

Confidence Building

Confidence in yourself - be happy to show off your smile. Confidence in the durability and comfort we provide

Healthy Smiles

Smooth, well fitting work is easy to clean, avoids future problems, and we keep your gums in top shape


You can't keep clients long term as we do without trust, as we have for nearly 30 years here

The kind of Dentistry you really want

Superb Value
Quality work with a long lifespan equals great value. We keep your long term costs very low.
We use microscopes. We preserve every bit of healthy tooth structure
Comfort in our chair, and ongoing comfort in daily life
We have an established history of extremely durable work - it lasts
Whiter Teeth
We can help you with all types of whitening - take home, in chair.
We do Zoom
Children's Dental Benefits
Yes, we treat your children under the CDBS scheme. Bulk Billing available.
Genuine emergencies are seen as a priority, on the day
Yes, we process your claims on the spot for you
Dr Andrew Talking to a Patient at Navakas Dental Care

Navakas Dental Care

We have a team whose primary concern is your welfare and health. We stay abreast with modern standards – we have a commitment to continuing education. We listen to your concerns and provide you with the care you choose. We are determined to provide unmatched value.

An environment of mutual trust and respect is essential to us – patients here are partners with us in their health care. We want to be an example of a positive, caring and enjoyable place to visit and work in. We have modern and great equipment, materials and tools, but we understand that attitude and technique are more important than gadgets.

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Happy Patients
Years Established
Team Members

Navakas Dental Team

Years of practice with a commitment to artisanal workmanship,
guided by education, considered diagnosis, intelligence, and experience
give us a quiet confidence in our ability to treat people well, and keep you at ease.

Dr Andrew Dentist at Navakas Dental Care

Dr Andrew Navakas


I have been practising here in Kensington since 1986, and have really enjoyed my whole time here, being part of this great community. The philosophy of this practice is what drives me. I am lucky to have a great family - my partner Vivienne and three sons...

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Dr Julien Bundun Dentist at Navakas Dental Care

Dr. Julien Bundun


One comment that we often hear from our patients is that they wished that Dr Julien Bundun had been their dentist a lot sooner: his kind personable manner and high clinical expertise is difficult to find. He is the dentist that medical professionals see, and trust...

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Nav Dental Hygienist Oral Health Therapist at Navakas Dental Care



She is the practice expert in teeth whitening and is skilled in ZOOM Whitening. Nav comes from India. Graduated as a dentist in 1998 and worked as a dentist until she moved with her family to New Zealand in 2005 and then onto Australia. Nav trained as Dental Hygienist in...

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Nam Navakas Dental Care Oral Health Therapist


Oral Health Therapist

Nam joined NDC in May 2016 as our Oral Health Therapist. He graduated in 2013 from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Oral Health Science. He also spent three studying pharmacy at Monash University. Nam was the winner of the Colgate Health Promotion award ...

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A lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom exists between our four walls.
There is not much we havent seen or fixed...

Dental Implants Navakas Dental Care


In the past, losing a tooth meant either a bridge or a denture – both options having quite a few risks or compromises associated with them. Implants are a very good option for many people. It is a replacement...

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Teeth Whitening Navakas Dental Care

Teeth Whitening

A smile is an expression of happiness that comes from within - healthy is the most important, but brighter is good! The fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Darkening of teeth is a normal...

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Crowns and Bridges Navakas Dental Care

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are like miniature crash helmets for a tooth, designed to protect them from risks of damage. Crowns and Bridges can also be used to replace missing teeth. If a tooth has significant cracks, or has lost a lot of structure over the...

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We are a general dental practice

And provide all the services one would expect from a modern up to date clinic.