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Teeth Whitening

A smile is an expression of happiness that comes from within - healthy is the most important, but brighter is good!

The fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Darkening of teeth is a normal part of ageing.
If you want a brighter smile, there are numerous options available that we offer:

This is the most effective and best value option.This features the in-chair whitening session in the clinic, followed by use of the bleach trays at home afterwards.

The advantages of this option are twofold:

  • If there is any sensitivity, the trays are used to effectively apply desensitisers, for maximum comfort
  • You can very easily do a top up whitening in a year or two down the track, for just the cost of the gel

The cost is only slightly more than the Zoom by itself, and is the option chosen by most patients.

This is just the in-chair whitening done in a relaxing 90 minute appointment in our clinic.
Effective, but doesn't give you the easy top up capability later.

This option is the 'At Home' whitening, where we make you custom fitted bleach trays that you use at home. We provide you with a gel that you load the tray with, and wear for a few hours a day.

This method will get an effective result, but it relies on your meticulous compliance in using the trays correctly and daily for the 2-4 weeks of the whitening period. If you feel you are not likely to be perfectly compliant, we suggest go for option 1.

How the at home whitening with trays works:

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